Granite countertops in the kitchen have become very popular and are extremely stylish. There are many reasons for granite’s popularity. It is a natural product and each counter, which is made from a slab of granite, is unique, having its own natural patterning and subtle tone variations. It is also durable and overall easy to maintain. Finally, visually granite kitchen counters often offer a tasteful contrast to the other elements in the kitchen, including the cabinets, appliances and floor.

If you’ve never chosen a granite kitchen counter before, you may have concerns regarding the process, including how to pick the right color and pattern, where’s the best place to shop for a counter and tips on exactly what to consider when you’re making this important choice. Here are four steps to utilize in choosing granite kitchen counters.

How to Begin Your Search for Kitchen Counters

There are a few smart things that you can do prior to going on the road to check out possible granite countertops. This part of the process probably won’t bring you to any conclusions, but it will raise numerous questions that you’ll be able to ask your contractor or the salesperson.

  • Go to building sites on the Internet and look at examples of granite countertops.
  • You also want to surf some home improvement sites and check out what they have on the subject.
  • Home magazines can be very useful in garnering information.
  • Check with friends, family, co-workers and neighbors to see if they have recently added granite countertops to their kitchen. Ask questions and go and see what their kitchens look like.
  • Talk to contractors or, if you’ve chosen one, your contractor about choosing a granite kitchen counter.
  • Go to YouTube.
  • A professional designer may also be helpful in your search.

At this point, you are looking for information in the form of images, personal experience and expert advice. All of this will help you make a sound, informed choice when picking your countertop.

Which Comes First: The Countertop or the Floor?

If you are building a home or remodeling your kitchen from the floor up, it’s a good idea to choose your countertop first. Even of you’re going with tile or hardwood in your kitchen, the fact is the most unique element is going to be that granite kitchen counter. Thus, coordinating the floor around it will be a lot easier than trying to match and contrast the counter to the existing floor. If the flooring surface already exists, you want to be sure to include it when you are choosing a granite counter.

Colors and Patterns

Granite comes in a range of colors and various patterns. Even amongst granite slabs of the same color, you’ll find subtle variations that have been put there by Mother Nature. You may be amazed to discover that granite comes in browns, greys, whites, reds, blues, greens and black. The good news is that such diversity of color assures that you will find a color and tone that will work nicely with your cabinets, floor and appliances. Here are a few tips when it comes to choosing color.

  • Narrow choices down by using samples.
  • Don’t, however, make your final choice based on a sample.
  • Colors that contrast with other elements can look good.
  • If you have a monochromatic kitchen a colorful granite countertop may be the way to go.
  • Also consider how bright or dark your kitchen is and what the color will do to enhance or minimize the effect.

Once you’ve got some ideas, your next stop is a granite warehouse that will offer hundreds of countertops from which you can choose.


In choosing granite kitchen counters, consumers always want to go to a warehouse where they can hand pick the countertops that will reside in their kitchens. Remember that granite kitchen counters are not mass-produced. They are wrought by the natural elements and your vision of “red” actually comes in array of tones and patterning that’s difficult to imagine. When your granite kitchen counter arrives at your home and you see it, you don’t want your reaction to be, “That’s not the right color!” So go to the source or, at least, as close to the source as you can get.

When you travel to a warehouse, you should be armed with any questions you may still have and be prepared to spend hours looking around. Bring samples of your cabinetry and flooring. Comparing them to the actual slab of granite that may become your kitchen counter can certainly help to give you an idea of how they may be coordinated.

You may want to visit a few places to check on pricing and selection. If you can’t make up your mind, it’s not a bad idea to take a video of some pieces that you like. Be sure to copy the reference number so you can find that same slab again and remember that particular counter that you like may not still be there when you come back.

Start Choosing that Granite Countertop

When choosing granite kitchen counters you want to be sure to take into consideration all of the other visual elements in your kitchen. Granite countertops are quite striking and balancing a granite slab’s color, patterning and polished look with your entire kitchen will help to bring that room together in terms of design and style. Enjoy the search. In the end, you’ll have a granite countertop unlike any other in this world.


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