An image of a child in a coat, hood, and scarf.

As chilly—or, in some cases, downright frigid—weather swiftly takes hold, parents face an age-old dilemma: coatless kids. For whatever reason, no matter how on-trend their winter coat is, children love to ditch the very garment that's meant to keep them warm and shield them from icy breezes and precipitation. Now, a mom on TikTok has a message for them that she's framed as a TikTok challenge.

In the hilarious clip, Aimee H., who posts under @hafe.mama, notes, "Hey kids, ready to hear about a funky, dope TikTok challenge? It's called wear your f***in' coat!"

She goes on to explain how to do the "challenge": When it gets cold outside, you grab a coat that your parents bought you, and you put it on. You can get "extra clout" for pairing it with a warm hat or gloves. And "you could go viral up in this jawn just for wearing long pants when it snows."

In the caption, Aimee asked, "What do these kids have against coats?!"

The TikTok cracked up plenty of parents who can absolutely relate to having youngsters who refuse to don practical winter gear. "It's also cool as hell not to lose it on the playground," quipped one commenter.

Another noted, "During the summer, when it's 1000 degrees out, they wear a hoodie everywhere, but winter, nothing."

A third urged Aimee to do another about how it's "dope to put your clothes on hangers."

Clearly, there's a reason the clip has over 200K views and counting. But now, if parents want to band together to get a pro-winter coat PSA campaign going, at least they know who to call to headline it.


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